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8in1 Ejen Ali Animation Movie Collection 1

8in1 Ejen Ali Animation Movie Collection 1
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8in1 Ejen Ali Animation Movie Collection 1

Agent Ali is a boy who initially (during the movie concept stage) gathers a team of unlikely spies in order to save his father and the world from a cyber-terrorist attack. Now (final series draft), he gathers the MATA team of secret agents in various missions to save Cyberaya from the notable evil spies: Dos and Trez.

Synopsis (Final Product)

Ejen Ali tells the story about a young schoolboy named Ali, who was terrible in studies, a victim of bullying, and lack of parental love (he doesn't have a mother and his father is too busy to spend time with him), stumbles upon a spy tech called the IRIS (the high tech googles which calculates the optimum performance for the user when he decides a move) which is stolen from two evil spies. Since that fateful day, he immediately becomes a secret agent in MATA (an institute for secret agents) and he slowly discovers his true potential.



  • Format: 30 Minute TV Series
  • Medium: 3D Animation
  • Genre: Comedy/Action/Adventure
  • Target: 6-12 y/o kids and family
  • Airing availability: TV3 Malaysia; TonTon. YouTube version to come in the future.
  • Possibility of airing in international markets: Yes. Middle East, Africa. Possibility to air in other regions unknown.
  • Cooperation with other studios: Yes. Media Prima, Malaysian Government
  • Target until work on Ejen Ali based movie: Until the end of Series 5


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