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8in1 Upin Ipin Animation Collection 9133

8in1 Upin Ipin Animation Collection 9133
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8in1 Upin Ipin Animation Collection 9133
TV Series  -  Animation
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Upin and Ipin the twin who live at kampung durian their live with their friend and family in a happy village

Upin & Ipin is a Malaysian television series of animated shorts produced by Les' Copaque Production, which features the life and adventures of the eponymous twin brothers in a fictional Malaysian kampung. Originally aside project for the blockbuster animated film Geng: The Adventure BeginsUpin & Ipin was introduced on TV9 in 13 September 2007 as a six-episode Ramadan/Eid special, to instil significance of the Islamic holy month amongst children. As of 2014, the series has reached its eighth season, including another Ramadan special season in 2008, and, season three onwards, the year-long, more general themed Upin & Ipin and Friends, the series' international debut via the Disney Channel Asia, with more concentrating on telling the lives of Upin and Ipin with their friends on the normal days.


Upin and Ipin are five-year-old Malay twins who and their elder sister Ros and grandmother Uda (whom they call Opah) in a kampung house in Kampung Durian Runtuh. They have lost their parents in their infancy. Upin and Ipin study in the village's Tadika Kemesraan (kindergarten), where they with a group of classmates, including the adorable and right-thinking Mei Mei, a joker and poetic Jarjit Singh, the clumsy and short-tempered Ehsan, an easygoing and sarcastic Fizi (Ehsan's cousin), and an entrepreneurial and meticulous Mail.

The headman of Kampung Durian Runtuh is Isnin bin Khamis, better known as Tok Dalang Ranggi, the Wayang Kulit champion. Tok Dalang keeps a cluster of rambutan trees for commercial purposes, and a rooster named "Rembo". Among the village's other notable residents are Muthu, owner of the village's only food stall who lives with his animal whisperer son Rajoo and pet steer Sapy; Salleh (Sally), a transgender-apparent who owns a mobile library; and Ah Tong, a strident-voiced vegetable farmer. A new character was later added in the series who is an Indonesian girl named Susanti who moved in with her family.


  • Upin is the elder twin brother of Ipin by only 5 minutes. He is the more outspoken one and usually, he is the mastermind behind the cheeky antics the twins do, which often lead them into a lot of trouble. Upin can be very protective of Ipin. You can tell him apart from his twin brother by the twirl of hair on his head.
  • Ipin is the younger brother of Upin and is the more cheerful one. Although seemingly quieter, he is actually smarter than Upin. Ipin is obsessed with fried chicken and has a habit of agreeing with statements by saying "betul betul betul".
  • Ros is Upin and Ipin's teenage sister. She has a reputation of being fierce but actually she is a loving and gentle sister. She loves to tease her brothers when the opportunity arises.
  • Opah is the grandmother Upin, Ipin and Ros. She is kind and gentle-hearted, and tends to spoil the twins. She is a fountain of worldly and religious wisdom.
  • Mei Mei is a cute, good-mannered girl who enjoys being nice to others and studies hard in school. She is the teacher's pet, very outspoken and often acts as the voice of reason among her peers. She can be patient, but to certain degree, especially when her friends won't cooperate.
  • Fizi is Ehsan's best friend and follows him wherever he goes. Fizi does however have a habit of teasing Ehsan by calling him "Intan Payung", which annoys him every time. Fizi, though loves to tease his other friends is really often the victim of the group.
  • Jarjit is a cheerful young boy with a booming adult-like voice. He always tries to join in the games but somehow always gets left out. Aside from this, Jarjit loves to give out personally crafted riddles, and is very good in Bahasa Melayu.
  • Devi is Mei Mei's best friend. She is quick to smile and loves to play cooking. While Mei Mei is louder and more outgoing, Devi is soft-spoken, quite the opposite of Mei Mei.
  • Susanti, a new addition to the group, is from Jakarta, Indonesia. Susanti is friendly and loves sports. Her happy-go-lucky attitude sits well with all of her classmates. Although she is from another country, she made friends with Upin, Ipin and the others easily.
  • Dzul is Ijat's best friend. They are always seen together. Dzul likes to tell stories and is always very excited to share his knowledge with his friends. He constantly begins his sentences with the words "My grandmother says...".
  • Ijat is a friend of Upin and Ipin. He is a person of few words and prefers to use gestures and actions to communicate. He is also easily surprised and often falls out of his chair when he hears a sudden loud noise.
  • Ehsan is the class rep of the gang and tends to be quite bossy. He also loves to be the judge in their games and wears a little red bow tie to prove it. He loves food, and will make sure that he won't waste any. He is an only child and therefore a little spoilt which makes him quite a show-off.
  • Mail is a business-minded, street smart boy who loves to try and sell anything he can with his "Dua seringgit" trademark deal. Compared to everyone else in the group, Mail is usually more laidback and independent. He is also very creative.
  • Tok Dalang is the champion of the shadow puppet competition, hence his name, Dalang.[clarification needed] To the neighbourhood kids, he is known as Atok. He is notorious for being a miser, but because he stays alone, he has a soft spot for the kids and will help them whenever he can.
  • Ah Tong is a Chinese man who is firm and not afraid to state his honest opinion about anything. He is good friends with Muthu and Tok Dalang and the trio can always be seen chatting at Muthu's stall. He also collects recyclables around the village every now and then.
  • Uncle Muthu is a funny, middle-aged Indian man well known in Kampung Durian Runtuh for his delicious cooking in his very own food stall. He also loves to sing and is a very friendly person.
  • Abang Salleh is a part-time librarian for the mobile library in Kampung Durian Runtuh. He also has his own textile shop where most of the villagers go to tailor their clothing. He is quite hot tempered but nevertheless will still lend a helping hand to anyone in the village.
  • Cikgu Jasmin is a schoolteacher who teaches Upin, Ipin and their friends at the village kindergarten Tadika Mesra. The kids love her as she always manages to make each lesson a happy and cheerful one. Although she is very kind, she can be firm especially when the kids misbehave.
  • Cikgu Melati: After Cikgu Jasmin left Tadika Mesra to further her studies at Kuala Lumpur, Upin, Ipin and friends have a new teacher called Cikgu Melati. Cikgu Melati is upbeat and outgoing but can be very firm when the kids misbehave. She can also be a little clumsy.
  • Cikgu Besar is the principal of Tadika Mesra. The kids are intimidated by her as she holds discipline in the highest regard. Despite that, she can also be cheerful, especially when special events take place in kindergarten.
  • Abang Tiger (or Cikgu Tiger) is one of the teachers in Tadika Mesra. He teaches Physical Education, hence the muscular build. He can be very vain and often shows-off his strength to everyone.
  • Abang Hamzah is a young bachelor who teaches religious classes to the kids of Kampung Durian Runtuh every Ramadhan. The kids like to go to his classes as he is friendly and loves to tell stories. He also has a great love for Metropop ice-cream and will buy them whenever he has the chance.


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