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A Security of the Ming Dynasty 2 [2017]

A Security of the Ming Dynasty 2 [2017]
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A Security of the Ming Dynasty 2 [2017]

Jin yi wei (original title)
1h 28min | Action, Adventure | 19 October 2017 (Hong Kong)
During the Ming dynasty, the deputy conductor of Jin Yiwei led Li Yi to lead his younger son Xiaoqi and others in order to greet the Tibetan Lamanga Gongga Tashi in Beijing, but was attacked by the mysterious killer. After a war, people were killed, Li Yi wounded, thanks to a small seven fight bloody battle, the other also injured and ran away, but the panic, even found that the car Lama turned out to be a woman ... ...


 Chin-Ku Lu


 Kuo-Yuan ChangChin-Ku Lu


 Ka-Yan LeungKuan-Chen HuTony Liu


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